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Makeup Application


Makeup & Hairstyling (Upgrade to false mink lashes) - additional $30

Makeup & Hairstyling (Upgrade to false mink lashes) - additional $30


Glam Night Out - Gala Events, Girls Night, Date Night



Classic Eyelash Extensions


Hybrid Eyelash Extensions


Volume Eyelash Extensions


Russian Eyelash Extensions


Fills Client must have at least 40% of their lashes remaining


You best believe we do eyelash extensions with Unlimited Lash Count because our commitment to you is to ensure the fullest lash set you can naturally achieve.


Bridal Makeup Consultation


Wedding Day Application


Bridesmaids Makeup


Mother of the Bride / Groom Makeup


Flower Girl Makeup


Additional Makeup ArtistnAvailable at an hourly rate of $60/hr





Upper Lip


Eyebrow, Lip & Chin




Full Face (excluding eyebrows)


Body Sculpting & Skin Tightening

Pay As You Go / per session


4 sessions


8 sessions


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Eyelash Extensions have grown tremendously popular over the years in the Beauty Industry. This is a beauty service that creates a look of longer, thicker, beautiful lashes. It is an application process of the application of a synthetic lash adhere to a natural lash through special adhesive with a one to one ratio.nnThe synthetic lash replicates a natural lash with the same curvature, tapered shape, but made out of synthetic materials. During the service, the technician attaches the synthetic lash to the natural lash using a special adhesive specifically designed for lashing and is the bonding agent.nnThere are multiple reasons as to why someone would have the interest in getting Eyelash Extensions;

    • To enhance the natural eye by adding length or volume.


    • Going on vacation, wanting to wear, “No makeup” which will benefit the client when they are by the poolside.


    • Special occasions such as Weddings, Prom, Date Nights.


    • Simply because it will make getting ready quicker and easier!


Whatever the reason may be, the first protocol to having beautiful lashes is to have a technician that is well educated.

Naturally, on average the human eye has approximately 300 lashes, each growing at its own rate and lifespan of 60 - 90 days. The growth cycle of the natural lash is divided into 3: The short (Baby) stage, the medium (Teen) stage & the long (Adult) stage. For the best results and the fullest look, it is crucial to isolate the Adult and Teen lashes and attach the extensions to them, leaving the babies alone. The Baby phase of the lash will not be able to hold the synthetic lash properly as it is not strong enough at that stage.


However, that being said, next time our client comes in for a fill, the baby lash will have matured to a teen and will be ready to hold a synthetic lash.


A natural lash fallout is around 1 - 4 lashes per day. Be sure to inform this information to your client as they will probably take note of lashes as they fall off naturally. Next, be sure to express the importance of not using any oil-based products or makeup. The oil will cause the eyelash extension to loosen and fall out quicker.


Knowing we have at least 300 eyelashes and two eyes, being aware of time and lash adhering is important. Some technicians limit to only adhering X amount of lashes, while others go “Unlimited”. I believe in adhering “Unlimited” because lashes are continuously falling out on a daily, and client loyalty is important.


Waiting for 2 - 3 weeks for a fill is important. If you are noticing thinning or gapping it's a clear indicator the lashes need a fill. During the “fill” the Baby eyelashes have now grown out to Teens and Teens to Adults, making it easy to transition old lashes with the new.



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