“Stipple Aging” Effect Using Liquid Latex

Creating the “stipple” aging effect can add age to an actor by decades. The key to this process being patient with the drying time in between adhering the liquid latex to stretched skin.

That said, in order to successfully preform this special technique, you will need to follow these steps.

1. Have client stretch skin outward and upward.
2. Apply a thin layer of @bennyemakeup Liquid Latex to the stretched skin.
3. Blow dry liquid latex until dry.
4. Adhere another layer of liquid latex (apply approximately 3 layers)
5. Blow-dry & repeat

I said it and I will say it again. It is crucial the client stretches out the skin because once the skin is released back to normal, it will creat the ripple wrinkle effect.

Be patient with drying times in between and ensure your patch of latex is 100% dry before adding a layer of latex.

There are many brands of liquid latex. I find Ben Nye’s Liquid Latex durable and lasts in between takes