Remember, your body is a temple

How you treat it will prove to you as you get older what you have done to it. Treat your body like it is gold.

Hydration, a proper skincare routine, and diet is a must when maintaining youthful skin. Not only is this good for your skin, it’s also good for you insides. H2O, Greens, Exercise are your friends.

Ways to keep youthful.

• Drink water! Did you know when your face is dehydrated makeup sits on your fine line? •  Moisturize & Tone – love the @biotherm line. ♥️

• Proper diet and exercise are key. Balance and moderation.

• Make sure you take off all makeup before you go to sleep.

• Avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol.

• Be sun cautious. PROTECT the skin, wear SPF or opt for a spray tan instead.

• Guess what!? SMOKING ages you.


Aging may be part of the life cycle, but no matter remember to embrace your natural beauty. 💕